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(partial list, past and present)
Greenfield Savings Bank
Kaiser Permanente
Mount Holyoke College
New Resource Bank
Powerit Solutions
Rowing Strong, Rowing Together
RSF Social Finance
Smith College
University of California, San Francisco
The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts

“With Sarah by my side, bolstering my confidence and honing my talking points and delivery for numerous media interviews, I’ve done more with the news media than I would have ever thought imaginable. She’s an extremely attentive and expert media coach.

In addition, Pounce PR has been an integral part of our overall marketing mix, bringing public relations expertise to the table ever since we rebranded the firm. Sarah’s ongoing counsel and direct PR efforts have helped us build our visibility. In 2010, she led our move into social media, doing so to great effect. Just recently, we had a year-over-year 80% increase in the number of visitors who come to our website from LinkedIn.

We highly value Pounce PR as a strategic team member and rely on Sarah for consistent and excellent results.”

— Kathy Ryan, CEO/CFO and co-founder of RoseRyan

“How wonderful it has been to work with you! You always have fresh ideas and attack everything with so much positive energy.”

— Eve Murto, Director of Marketing at RoseRyan

“Sarah has a knack for building rapport and is a great conversation starter, making her a natural leader for creating and implementing social media programs. Her LinkedIn campaign for one of our longtime clients has consistently been the top referral source to the client’s website.

Sarah is our first choice to lead media relations for any client because she’s a real pro: she’s savvy about working with reporters and editors, has an excellent eye for news, never misses a beat on follow-up, and has strong ethics. We always know we’ll get great results with her onboard.”

— Sandra Stewart, principal, Thinkshift Communications

“Pounce PR has aggressively delivered ongoing media results in our space. When we’ve had news, Pounce has made the most of it, got our message across, and made it easy on us.

I’ve also really valued Sarah’s media coaching. She’s forthright and expert in her field.”

— Kevin Klustner, Powerit Solutions, CEO

“Sarah has been a remarkable addition to the RoseRyan team. When she started with us in 2006, she hit the ground running, generating results right out of the gate. Later, she was instrumental in leading our move into social media, leveraging our maverick brand and training our workforce.

She continues to spearhead our social media, and we couldn’t be happier with the service, enthusiasm, and professionalism she brings to PR. If you want an outstanding pro on your team, hire Pounce PR.”

— Maureen T. Ryan, Vice President of Business Development, RoseRyan

“You were one of the best that I worked with in this business.”

— Michael R. Ford Senior Vice President, Premier Alliance

“Sarah is a feisty, energetic media relations pro—one of the best I’ve encountered. Her ability to place stories is exceptional.”

— Patricia R. VandenBerg Executive Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives Mount Holyoke College (retired)

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